Note: This page is not up to date with all the skill and profession changes of Update 14.

Overview Edit

Every survivor has a profession that determines his or her preferred tasks, the kind of work they are best at, how they gain XP in order to level up, and their Skill tree. Therefore, a good understanding of the Professions system and good management of survivors' specialization is a key for survival in Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation. Professions were introduced in December 20th 2016 with the release of the Alpha 10 version.

There are currently five professions in the game: Fighters, Engineers, Survivalists, Occultists and Priests. Each one of them is specialized in different aspects of the game, but having a particular Profession is not a requisite for performing its preferred tasks. Survivors, however, gain more experience when working on their preferred Tasks.

Fighters Edit

Fighters are the shock force of your group of survivors. Ex-cops, soldiers, martial artists... whatever their background is, they know how to fight, and they don't hesitate to do so when needed. Even though they might look useless in times of peace, having a strong and reliable group of fighters is a life insurance for your colony. Whether it's time to explore the world, go on a difficult mission, defend the base against an attack or save a survivor in distress -- your fighters will always be ready and willing to put their lives on the line for the sake of the group.

Preferred tasks: Train, Patrol, Fighting.


  • Level 1: Spotting (Vision range +5), Patrolling (Speed +50 %), Fast Healing (Natural Heal Rate +50 %)
  • Level 2: Melee (Damage +10 %), Marksmanship (Accuracy +20 %), Stealth (Awareness Generation +5 %)
  • Level 3: Evasion (Evasion +20 %), Pistols (Damage +20 %, Accuracy +25 %), Agility (Attack Speed +10 %)
  • Level 4: Melee Defense (Armor against Melee +25 %), Defense (Armor +15 %), Stealth II (Awareness Generation -8 %)
  • Level 5: Melee II (Accuracy +15 %, Evasion +25 %), Rifles (Damage +20 %, Accuracy +25%), Agility II (Attack Speed +10 %, Evasion +15 %)

Engineers Edit

Engineers are your architects and builders, your scientists and researchers, your tinkers and armorers. They belong in the workbench crafting new equipment, erecting new buildings or defenses for your base or researching new technologies. Maybe they are not the strongest people in your group, but without their brains and skills your mission of defeating the demon army would not be achievable.

Preferred tasks: Scientific Research, Mine, Quarry, Build, Craft.


  • Level 1: Construction I (Build Speed +30 %), Mining (Mine / Quarry Speed + 30 %), Research (Speed +30 %)
  • Level 2: Defensive Building (can build defensive structures), Firearms Crafting (can craft advanced firearms)
  • Level 3: Tools Expert (Tools Damage +30 %, Accuracy +25 %), Mineral Mining (can perform Task Mine Minerals), Crafting I (Speed +30 %)
  • Level 4: Construction II (Build Speed +50 %), Mining II (Mine / Quarry Speed +50 %), Research II (Speed +45 %)
  • Level 5: Crafting II (Speed +50 %), Tools Master (Damage +20 %, Attack Speed +10 %, Evasion +10%)

Survivalists Edit

Survivalists always find a way to get by. They could survive anywhere, no matter how harsh the conditions: they are the best at finding and fetching water, searching for scraps and resources, planting food and tending to livestock. If your engineers are the brain that build your colony, Survivalists are the hands that make it work. Being a bit of a Swiss army knife, survivalist can also become competent fighters.

Preferred tasks: Search Debris, Farm, Fetch Water, Chop Trees.


  • Level 1: Gathering (Chop Speed +15 %, Scavenge Speed +25 %, Gather Water Speed +15 %), Farming (Speed +30 %), Fast Healing (Natural Heal Rate +50 %)
  • Level 2: Archery I (Bows Damage + 20 %, Accuracy + 25 %), Melee (Damage + 10 %), Medicine Crafting (can craft medicines)
  • Level 3: Mineral Mining (can perform task Mining) Farming yield (Yield +15 %), Stealth I (Awareness Generation -5 %)
  • Level 4: Archery II (Speed +15 %, Evasion +10 %), Gathering II (Chop Speed +25 %, Scavenge Speed +20%, Gather Water Speed +20 %), Farming (Speed +40 %)
  • Level 5: Evasion (Evasion +20 %), Marksmanship (Accuracy +20 %), Agility (Attach Speed +10 %)

Occultists Edit

Occultists know more than anyone about the demon army and all the evil creatures that attacked Earth. At first they might appear weird and a bit of a burden on your colony, but they may be your only hope for victory in the long run. Occultists are not afraid of dabbling in the dark arts, and you will need to understand your enemies if you are to find a way to send them back to Hell. They can also use occult weapons and learn some very useful magical tricks that will make your life easier... or at least a bit less difficult.

Preferred tasks: Occult Research, Rituals


  • Level 1: Occult Research (Speed + 50 %), Rituals (Speed + 30 %)
  • Level 2: Occult Wielder (Dark Weapons Damage + 20 %, Accuracy + 15 %), Holy Crafting (can craft holy items), Dark crafting 1 (can craft dark items),
  • Level 3: Occult Research II (Speed + 65 %), Rituals II (Speed + 50 %), Crafting I (Speed + 50 %)
  • Level 4: Holy Crafting II (can create holy artifacts), Dark Crafting II (can create dark artifacts) 
  • Level 5: Occult Master (Dark Weapons Damage + 25 %, attack speed + 20 %), Crafting II (Speed + 50 %)

Priests Edit

Priests are simple men of god. Where others see only despair, they see god's larger plan. They are salt of the earth, leaders of small communities, strict followers of the holy scriptures. They are not afraid of the dark arts, but will not dwell on them as the occultists. Their connection to the earth makes them good farmers, and their practice of the holy arts allows them to create strong warding devices against the demons.

Preferred tasks: Occult Research, Rituals, Farming, Fetch Water, Building


  • Level 1: Occult Research (Speed + 50 %) ,Farming (Speed +30 %)
  • Level 2: Holy Crafting (can craft holy items), ,Medicine Crafting (can craft medicines) ,Occult Wielder (Dark Weapons Damage + 20 %, Accuracy + 15 %)
  • Level 3: Consecration (can craft consecrated items), Farming yield (Yield +15 %),
  • Level 4: Holy Crafting II (can craft advanced holy items), Farming (Speed +40 %)
  • Level 5: Evil Warding (craft protection cross), Occult Master (Dark Weapons Damage + 25 %, attack speed + 20 %)

Tips and tricks Edit

  • All survivors can perform any task regardless of their professions, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't handle their priorities with care. Try to assign survivors to their preferred tasks, specially when their skills give them bonuses in these tasks. They will be faster at them and level up sooner.
  • When you start a new game you only have three survivors, and even though more will join soon, you can't tell what profession they will have. Therefore, don't hesitate to re-roll your group of survivors until you get a diverse group with useful abilities.
  • Occultists aren't very useful in the early game, but you will need their Occult Research very soon if you want to succeed, and they can be useful in combat when you get some occult equipment.
  • Pay close attention to your survivors' skills and try to specialize them as much as possible. Remember always their strongest points and make the best out of them. For instance, a tank fighter, a hand-to-hand DPS combatant and a marksman are much more useful and lethal than a bigger group of rookies. Average guys die faster.
  • Another reason why you will need specialization: there are buildings and equipment that can only be built by survivors with a particular skill. Make sure those that have these Skills are also effective in their particular tasks.
  • Take into account the survivors' starting skills, those pieces of background information that shape their capabilities. Try to improve their strengths and avoid their weaknesses. For instance, if you have a survivalist with the Farmer skill (+50 % Farm Speed, +10 % Yield), improve that to make them your best farmer; but if they're an Addict (- 50 % Farm Speed, + 60 % Scavenge Speed), don't bother improving their farming skill, and make sure they don't perform any farming tasks.