Forged with the essence of fallen demons, this knife offers high attack speed and damage which will slice through the toughest armor.

The knife is considered a Dark Weapon, Sharp and a Melee Weapon and enjoys the bonuses and modifiers from both skill trees and other modifiers.

The Demonite Knife, like other knives, offer 30% Armor Piercing.

In Judgment, a Demonite Knife is a Tier III weapon that Survivors can craft and use in combat.

Tips Edit

  • The Demonite Knife attack speed and armor-piercing make it a versatile weapon for hordes and single targets alike.
  • In the hands of the Occultist, the Demonite Knife can be especially dangerous, as it is the only profession that can specialize in both Melee and Dark Weapons. Maximize both to gain stacking bonuses to damage, accuracy and attack speed.
  • However, it has only average accuracy, which may allow evasive enemies to dodge it.