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Cover is an object that offers extra protectiont against ranged attacks. Cover gives a +70 % bonus of its base cover value to Evasion, plus a +35 % bonus to Accuracy. For instance, spikes barricades have 60 Cover, so they give a +42 % bonus to Evasion and a +21 % to Accuracy. Some types of cover can be built in your base as defensive structures, while others can only be found during combat missions. 

Types of coverEdit

Name Cover value
Barrel 50
Bus 80
Car 50
Crossed body 60
Dead tree 20
Debris 50
Letterbox 50
Lookout Post 40
Pipe 50
Rain collector 40
Rocks 30
Ruined house 40
Sandbag 40
Spike barricade 60
Trash 50
Tree 20
Well 40

Tips & tricksEdit

  • Cover is the best advantage for the player in combat. Try to fight always with as many survivors in cover as possible.
  • If you find a spot with cover for everyone use it to set an ambush: position carefully your team there and send someone with a high Evasion to lure your enemies to your trap. 
  • Only ranged attacks get the Accuracy bonus. 
  • Point blank ranged attacks ignore cover (but also get a -30 % penalty to Accuracy for using a ranged weapon in close combat). 
  • Melee attacks ignore cover.